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What you achieve by allowing Medical Newswire to become your direct channel for press and lead generation...

Features Benefits
130,000+ health care professionals read Medical Newswire content on a regular basis Leads. Enhance your direct marketing efforts and watch your lead generation skyrocket! We challenge you to find a more complete list of executive-level, subscriber-based medical professionals.
26,000+ medical-related media outlets receive Medical Newswire press content including major Online media portals and investments firms Press. Augment your press coverage with a highly focused group of health care and biotech journalists and media professionals. This exposure does wonders for your image!
Over 50 years experience in health care publishing with our earliest product dating back to 1947 Best of Breed. We've worked very hard and diligently to create the highest standards in healthcare publishing and are proud of our accomplishments.
Quick turn-around Saves You Time. Once we set your account up, all we need is 18-24 hours notice and your news is LIVE. We know how busy you are.
Low investment Yields High Return. Our clients average a 300% Return On Investment with our service if used on a regular basis.
Risk-free Guaranteed. That's right! What other marketing campaign will offer you this? That means you can choose Medical Newswire with confidence.
High reader rate Image. 75-80% of our subscriber base actually read our news content. That's an amazing number in today's busy world.
High client retention rate Percentage. 80% of first time clients return. We don't take losing a client easily. We will work diligently to maintain this high percentage by delivering results based on our clients' needs.
How exactly does it work?

Simply put, you submit to us your message and we will give it to a senior-level editor on staff who will turn it into a news-worthy article. We'll then strategically place your news into Medical Newswire, the daily newsletter, and distribute your news along with daily headlines from around the globe written by our professional editorial team. Over 160,000 medical professionals will receive your news, which will be coupled with content only the professional medical audience would want to read. Guess what? That's not all! We will then submit your news to 26,000 major media outlets all around the globe. Talk about press generation - it doesn't get better than this! We guarantee that our service will meet your expectations. If it doesn't, you don't pay. If it does, we'll start a campaign and promote your news regularly!

Who is this for?

Both large and small organizations utilize our services including small to medium-sized corporations seeking leads for their sales department, major universities seeking attendance for courses, PR firms seeking additional press for their clients, hospitals seeking press, etc. Some use us in conjunction with other services while some use us exclusively. We will consult with you to determine if this service is right for your organization.

How do I start generating leads & press via Medical Newswire?

Simply click here and you will be routed to our inquiry page. Fill out the form and a local representative will contact you shortly thereafter. Medical Newswire looks forward to adding your name to our already prestigious family of clientele!

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